Motorcycles of legends

A motorcycle legend is a term often used to designate a motorcycle that has become iconic, historic or highly influential in the motorcycle world. These motorcycles are often associated with special features, exceptional performance, innovative design or a history that sets them apart from other bikes.
Motorcycle legends may vary according to the preference and perspective of motorcycle enthusiasts, but certain bikes are generally considered legends because of their lasting impact on the motorcycle industry and culture. Examples of well-known motorcycle legends include the Harley-Davidson Sportster, the Honda CB750, the Triumph Bonneville, the Ducati Monster, the Kawasaki Ninja, the Yamaha R1, and many others.
These motorcycles are often celebrated for their timeless design, exceptional performance, reliability or their role in motorcycle history. Motorcycle legends often have a passionate fan base and are often sought after Here are just a few of the timeless models we've tracked down for you, allowing you to study the technical evolution, as well as compare the price between each model.

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